Complete Automation

Our world best AnimeScrape service completely automates your website without the need for cron jobs or any other complicated setup. One subscription gives you access to over 1 700 Anime Series, and over 40 000 Episodes with multiple mirrors – one of the largest anime databases in existence. We update your site with new episodes as soon as they are released. We also update the mirrors on all of your existing episodes, so that all of your episodes stay up to date. We’ve got everything covered! Just sit back, relax, and watch your site grow!

Lowest Price, Highest Quality

Our prices are the most affordable on the market – over 80% lower than the competition. We didn’t stop there however – you’re allowed to install the main plugin on all of your websites. We know what’s its like to run anime websites, and our plugin was developed to offer the best experience possible at an affordable price. We’ve taken special steps to ensure that episode links on your site never go down, and we’re constantly upgrading and updating the plugin based on your feedback. Unlike the competition, our scraping scripts remain running 24/7 on our servers, constantly grabbing new episodes and updating old mirrors, while using none of your bandwidth!

Free Updates and Support

By subscribing to our service, you get a lifetime of free Updates and Support. Worried about a huge WordPress update? We’ll have your back. Having probems with the plugin? We cover that. Trying to implement a cool new feature? We’ll help you get started. Looking for some advice on running your site? We’ll share our knowledge. We remember how difficult it was when we started our first anime websites, and we want your experience to be as smooth as possible.

Seamless Integration

AnimeScrape was developed in consultation with real site owners, and works with any Wordpress theme. Our service is also the only service that automatically gives you perfectly sized thumbnails for all new Episodes, while maintaining the perfect aspect ratio – you don’t have to worry about ugly image stretching! AnimeScrape is also fully compatible with all WordPress features and plugins. All of your other plugins and posts will remain unaffected, and you can still use your site for blogging alongside anime. All your favorite SEO plugins, and various other plugins, can also be used on the Episodes! We’ve thought of everything, so that you don’t have to.

On-going Development

AnimeScrape is constantly growing. We take your feedback and suggestions very seriously, and incorporate them into new features. As more people use AnimeScrape, we will be able to release even more features, themes, and add-ons. AnimeScrape is very developer-friendly – you can easily create your own add-ons, widgets, and themes. Let us know if you create something cool – we might just have it put up on the store, or included in the next version of AnimeScrape! We’re serious about anime, and together with you we are constantly growing.

Easy Theme Development

Worried that you won’t have the programming know-how to make your theme use AnimeScrape? Don’t be! AnimeScrape comes equipped with a tonne of easy to use example code, allowing your theme to have functional and stylish page templates. If there’s something you’re trying to do but don’t have the know-how for, just contact our support. We’ll help you out, and add the solution to our documentation – that way, everyone benefits.

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