Hey everyone! This is the beginning of our development blog, so you guys can more easily see what’s happening for the latest updates of AnimeScrape! I’ll start it off by posting the latest update: This new update includes:

  • New Scraper! We now offer CC-Anime.com as a scraping source option. This can be accessed in the new ‘Scraper Options’ page in the AnimeScrape menu.
    • Some important notes:
      • While CC-Anime has some higher quality sources, they do not have dubbed sources.
      • Furthermore, while we have done our best to test the new scraper, there is the possibility of some duplicate episodes occurring when switching for AU to CC. If you are switching, please treat this as a Beta feature.
      • We are interested on your feedback on the CC-Anime scraper – if it works out, there will be more to come!
  • The ability to add your own custom embedded video sources. To use this feature, go to the edit episodes page, and add a source with “custom” type. You can then paste in any embed code.
  • The ability to rename sources. To use this feature, go to the edit episodes page. You can now enter a name for a source. This is useful for those of you who are going to manually add your own sources.
  • Fixed AdultFriendFinder redirect. There was an issue which some of you experienced in which your site would automatically redirect to AdultFriendFinder. This problem has been completely eliminated.
  • Fixed One Piece (and similarly large series) series page loading problems. Previously, loading the series page of a large series such as One Piece would result in no episodes displaying. This issue has been fixed on the plugin, and the theme shop will be updated within the next week or so with the updated plugin.
  • External API. For those of you using an AnimeScrape theme, you may notice that there is a lot of code related to generating links to previous/next episodes, generating episode lists for series, etc. We have begun work on an external API, so that some of this code is built into the plugin. The updated themes will make use of this external API. The documentation on the AnimeScrape website will eventually be updated.
  • Increased efficiency. In the process of fixing the “One Piece bug”, the series page now loads much more quickly, as the code has been re-written to improve efficiency.
  • Fixed series episode links bug. Previously, if you manually update an episode, that episode may disappear from the episode list of a series page. This critical bug has been fixed. Unfortunately, for those of you who have experienced this bug, there is no way of fixing your already broken links apart from completely deleting and re-adding the series.

As you guys can see, this is a huge update! We’ve also begun re-writing a lot of the code behind-the-scenes. We hope to get out many more features soon as well!

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