AnimeScrape Lifetime Bundle with AnimeSlider Theme


Includes the main plugin, and a life-time worth of the subscription service and support. If you’re looking to use AnimeScrape for the long-haul, this is for you!

The plugin can be used on unlimited domains. The subscription can be used on up to two domains.

Comes with free life-time updates and support.

The AnimeScrape Subscription Service is the most advanced anime automation service in the market!

One subscription gives you instant access to one of the largest anime databases in existence.

Your site will be updated whenever new Episodes or Series are released, and whenever old Episodes get updated mirrors.

We run the fastest scraping scripts out there 24/7 on our servers. Just sit back, relax, and watch your site grow!

Product Description

The AnimeScrape Subscription Service is the most advanced anime website automation tool in existence.

This bundle comes with a life-time subscription, the main plugin, and a copy of the premium theme!

Some of the features include:

Easy Setup: Once you set up the Subscription, we completely handle the rest. We will automatically update your site whenever new Episodes are available

Complete Automation: Your website will be updated with new Episodes and Series as soon as they are released!

Automatic Thumbnails: We update all new Episodes with custom sized thumbnails. Just enter your desired dimensions into your plugin Options, and watch the magic happen. Our scripts will carefully crop and re-size all new thumbnails. You will never have to worry about ugly, stretched thumbnails again!

The Largest Database: With over 1 700 Series and over 40 000 Episodes, each with many mirrors, we maintain one of the largest anime databases out there!

Low Bandwidth: Unlike the competition, we don’t waste time on cron jobs. Our scraping scripts run 24/7 on our servers,so that none of your bandwidth is wasted. This means that you can still run an anime website, even if you are using a shared hosting plan!

Episode/Series Maintenance: No other Service on the market will update your old mirrors, but we do! Our scripts rescrape our entire database of over 40 000 episodes at least twice a month, and are always looking for new mirrors on older Episodes. We don’t just create new Episodes for you – we maintain them as well!

Most Advanced Scripts: Our scraping scripts are the smartest on the market. We understand how the industry works. For example, it is common for brand new Episodes to get higher quality mirrors a few days after release. We’ve designed our scripts to constantly check for updated mirrors on new releases, ensuring that your viewers get the highest quality video possible!


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